fsgs.torresfamily1.com – Day 1

I just finished creating a new subdomain and installed WordPress to tell the story of my wife’s battle with FSGS. I’ve made her an author as well and hopefully you’ll get to hear things from her point of view. She’s a very private person (yes, she didn’t really like the idea of me doing this, but I didn’t ask her for permission) so I have a feeling I’ll be doing most of the posting.

My goal is not only to tell her story, but maybe if you know someone with FSGS, you can show them they are not alone. This has been a pretty nasty disease and I know I would have appreciated finding and reading someone else’s experiences.

It’s already been a little over a year since she first got sick and we’ve been through a lot, but in the next couple of days, I’m going to bring you up to speed on everything that’s happened over the last year.

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