Post Transplant – Day 10

Laura and David are still doing well. Laura’s creatinine level is now down to 0.8, which is at the low end of normal. The doctor took out 10 of the 22 staples. All her blood work looks good with two exceptions.

First, her phosphorus levels are low. This is pretty ironic considering that before the transplant her phosphorus levels were so high that she had to take 5 phosphorus binders with every meal and three with snacks. Now, they said her kidney was working so well that it is getting rid of all the phosphorus. She’s going to need to takeĀ a phosphorus pill three times a day.

The other thing is that her triglyceride levels are still a bit on the high side. They are just going to keep on eye on this and see how it does with time. They said that with a good diet, it should start improving on its own.


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