One Week Update

Laura got her transplant one week ago yesterday. We had our first checkup yesterday and things couldn’t be going better. Almost all of her blood work was in the normal range.

First, let me say that we’ve never been so happy to see so much pee! It’s really weird to say it, but Laura’s kidneys had completely stopped working and she was no longer producing urine before the transplant. Her kidney is working great!

Creatinine is one of the tests used to determine how well your kidneys are functioning. Normal range is 0.7-1.1 and before the transplant, Laura’s creatinine was at 9.6. About an hour after surgery it had come down to 9.0. The day after surgery it was 5.8 and when she was released on Friday it was at 1.1. Yesterday it had come down to 1.0.


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