Surgery Day!!


Laura has kissed our kids good goodbye. We’re heading off to the hospital.


Family pics – Only David would show up for surgery in a suit and tie!

Image1 Image2 Image3


David was called back to get labs drawn to make sure everything is good to go.

Still don’t know what I signed up for.




David has been taken back to the OR.  One last hug before he changes her life forever.





Laura was taken back to get prepped for surgery. She made a call to the kids to let them know everything was going to be okay.

Image8 Image14



Nurse came out and said David was doing fine and the kidney was out. They should be taking Laura back for surgery within the next 30 minutes. She brought a few pics of Laura’s new kidney. Thank you David!!






Laura is getting wheeled away. Her surgery should be about 3-4 hours long. She should be out of surgery by about 2:30-3:00pm.



David is out of surgery and he is doing well. He’s going to the recovery room for a couple of hours. We are not allowed to see him until they take him out of recovery and put him upstairs.


David is getting taken upstairs. He and Laura will both be on the 10th floor, but in separate rooms.


Nurse came out and said the kidney  is in place.  They are closing her up now. They said the doc should come and talk to me in about 20-30 minutes.


Doc came out and said everything went well and everything looks good. He said they’ve done an ultrasound of the kidney and it has really good blood flow. They will repeat the ultrasound in the morning to make sure the blood flow is still good. She is being taken to the recovery room for a couple of hours and I’ll be able to see her around 4:30-5:00pm when she gets upstairs to the 10th floor.


I got to spend some time with David. He’s in pain, but doing quite well. Still has his sense of humor; although laughing really isn’t a good idea for him right now. Sorry I made you laugh David and thank you again for such a precious gift!


Laura is upstairs on the tenth floor now. I didn’t get to see her very long because they are getting her situated in her room. I’ll be able to go in  and see her after they get her settled. She looked like she was in quite a bit of pain, but I’m glad everything is going well.

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