Home again

Laura was released from the hospital last night. She ended up getting three consecutive days of dialysis. They went back and forth several times on whether or not they were going to release her yesterday.

First, they said they were going to keep her there the entire weekend because they couldn’t find a dialysis center that would be able to do the dialysis on Monday. Then they found one so we were told that she was going to be able to go home.

However, when they did her lab work, they found that her red blood cell count was very low. It was so low that they said that if she weren’t on the transplant waiting list, they would recommend a blood transfusion. (They try not to do blood transfusions on transplant patients because it could cause them to produce antigens that could potentially attack a donor organ.)

About eight hours later they re-tested her RBC levels and it had not dropped any lower so they said they would go ahead and release her.

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