The bestest sister-in-law

I have the most “bestest” sister-in-law in the whole world! Lala, I’m not just saying that because you’ve babysat for us a few times and endured the pain of four needy kids. I really mean it.

All joking aside, as soon as you learned that your sister was on the list, you took it upon yourself to call the hospital and insisted on being the first to get tested. This in spite of being told that if you donated a kidney, you would automatically be considered a high risk pregnancy if you ever decided to have a family. It’s going to be a week or two before we find out if you are compatible, it doesn’t matter if you are a match or not, I will forever be grateful for your kindness and unselfishness. I can see that you really love your sister and I can tell you that she loves you just as much. And so do Alex, Jacob, Jayden, Gabriel, and myself.

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