First Official Fundraiser

My sister-in-law is kicking off the first official fundraiser for Laura’s kidney transplant. She’s putting together a garage sale next weekend June 13-15 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).


If you’d like to get of any “old” stuff you don’t need anymore and would like to donate it to the garage sale, we will gladly come pick it up.

If you know of anyone having a neighborhood garage sale this weekend, ask if they would like to donate anything that doesn’t sell.

We really appreciate your help!


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2 thoughts on “First Official Fundraiser”

  1. Well today was the first day of the garage sale. I had to work so I couldn’t be there to help, but my mom, Laura’s sister (Esme), Esme’s mother-in-law, Laura’s mom, and Laura were all there. Thank you to everyone who came out there to support them.

    We’ve still got a whole lot of stuff left so hopefully we’ll do just as good this weekend. However, I saw there’s a 30% chance of rain tomorrow evening and a 60% chance of rain on Sunday so we’ll just hope for the best.

  2. Thank you to everyone who donated to the garage sale and to those who came out to see us. Special thanks to Esme, who held it at her house and spent many hours sorting and pricing everything. Thanks also to Dakota, David Garcia, Sam Garcia, Marisela Garcia, Claudia Ibarra, Miriam Otero, Elvia Torres, Lisa and Becky.
    Laura and I really appreciate everything each of you did. Hopefully, we can get Laura on the transplant list soon.

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