Peritoneal dialysis

We got a call from the surgeon’s office where they are going to do the surgery to get the peritoneal dialysis (PD) tube inserted in Laura.  They want to see us on June 19th. I imagine it’s just for the initial consultation and to explain how it works and what to expect. They’ll probably schedule the surgery soon after that.

The bad thing about PD is that we were reading that many people gain weight because the solution that is used is a sucrose solution and your body absorbs some of it. Some sites say it adds 500 calories to your diet while others say it adds 1200 calories. The other down side is that we’ve read that you are more prone to infections because you basically have an open wound all the time. It’s also not as effective and hemodialysis so you have to do it every day for about 5-6 hours. The good thing is that you could do it at night while you sleep or spread it out during the day.

However, we think the pros outweigh the cons. Since it’s bloodless, Laura doesn’t have to go to a dialysis center 3 times a week and spend three hours there each time. This is the biggest benefit since it would be pretty hard to do with the 4 boys. The two older ones would probably be okay, but not the 1 year old and 4 year old. Another benefit is that Laura can do it herself if she chooses.

Laura is pretty nervous about it it so we’ll see how that goes.


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